Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Best Practice to Follow, For Now

Just like in the old Hippocratic Oath:

First, Do No Harm.

I have no way of verifying this report - although The Gateway Pundit has been in the forefront of many stories, they have pushed some that proved to be more rumor than fact.

But, I DO, personally know, that the Official Line on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is dead-on wrong. It has some connection to eye problems, including blindness - for LONG-TERM use. Under the 5 year mark, it's just not likely. And, with proper monitoring by an opthalmologist, it is as safe as any medicine can be.

I've been on it for daily use, for almost 2 years. I take it for RA symptoms, and it does help manage the swelling, redness, and inflammation in my joints. I anticipate taking it until it is no longer effective, or until side effects show up.

There really was no need to intubate and ventilate ALL Covid patients when they were first admitted. But, many hospitals did. There is some evidence that the treatment made the situation worse, and may have significantly contributed to the deaths of many patients.

But, few autopsies were done. Most people accepted that their loved ones had been given the best treatment possible.

My mother had that belief - that her doctor's treatment plan was optimal for her. Even when she suffered a stroke, and she was not immediately sent to the ER, she refused to even consider a 2nd opinion. Even after her death, her husband and others in the family had nothing but praise for her doctor.

A psychologist could probably explain this as a matter of what economists call "sunk costs". When you have committed time and money to a particular plan of action, you become extremely resistant to even considering a change, however minor. Indeed, you may become quite angry about any deviation from a course that is sailing straight towards the iceberg.

How low that course takes this country is completely in God's hands, although I have to believe that He wouldn't mind a little assistance in the process of alleviating the pain of His people.

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  1. sunk costs explains scott adams support for the experimental injection program