Friday, June 18, 2021

Mistakes vs. Criminal Acts

I get irritated about the common explanation after some is caught breaking the law:

I made a mistake

No, you did NOT.

You committed a CRIMINAL offense, and, only after having your CRIME revealed, and in danger of JAIL, did you decide that you were "truly sorry" for "having made a mistake".

Let me explain what mistakes are:
  • You drop something breakable (and, were not trying to juggle it at the time).
  • You write the wrong year on a form, in the first weeks of the New Year.
  • You are horribly math-challenged (now, isn't that a nicer way to say Dumb as Dirt?), and bounced a check.
  • Or, you and your spouse BOTH wrote some checks, and are now overdrawn (happened TWICE in the first years of our marriage - we learned to ASK before writing a check or using a check card).
  • You blurted out a remark, and hurt someone's feelings/outraged them. If it was an accident, apologize, and expect that it will take some time (if ever) to repair the relationship. If you MEANT it, own up to it.
  • Attention wander while driving? Cause a fender-bender? Yeah, I'd classify that as a mistake.
  • Deliberately drink/drug, and cause the same damage or worse? NOT a mistake.
So, no, the actions of this Democrat (and any others who colluded with him, or knowingly went along with it), are NOT a mistake. It was a DELIBERATE effort to subvert the election process, and disparately benefited in a partisan way, That would be a violation of the laws on using public funds for partisan purposes. As such, they constitute a FELONY, and should carry BOTH jail time, and a LIFETIME prohibition from voting and any participation in politics or public service. That should extend to anyone that benefited from those actions - i.e., the elected official.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Why Can't We Just "Get Over the 2020 Election 'Loss'?

"It's OVER; Stop Talking About It".

That's what the Dems are saying, with increasing impatience. Every investigation that unearths more and more unlikely chain of events - which, according to the Officially Smart, Honest, and Sensible People, is Completely UNsuspicious - is airily declared to be No Big Deal (or as our putative President would put it, NFBD).

Let me put this in terms the Left and their supporters might understand:

You are a teacher in a high school. There is an election for Student President. One student is a Charismatic, but Annoying Guy, who people either love and absolutely HATE. Let's call him CAG.

His opponent is a Smarmy Toady, who's record as Treasurer of several clubs has left them MYSTERIOUSLY short of cash. The admins accepted his protestations of innocence without a formal investigation. When the other students in the club complained, they were told that this had been FULLY investigated, and the issue was SETTLED.

Let's call that second guy ST.

Now, in most of the school, the numbers are relatively even for supporters. It seems that CAG has a slight edge overall - around 55-45. Still, ST's supporters insist that there is a hidden vein of potential voters who will deliver victory.

Now, several things happen in the last weeks of the campaigns:
  • There is a SUDDEN infusion of students registering at the school. They look a little old for high school - many have graying hair - but the registrar insists on enrolling them, even with no documentation. CAG's people protest, saying they are the homeless people from the camp just outside the school district, but the admins rule them eligible for enrollment.
  • Posters start appearing in the halls, denouncing CAG as a sexual harasser, secret supporter of the school's traditional rival, and responsible for repeat crimes against the school's minority students (no reports were made of these long-ago crimes, but - trust the accusers regardless). CAG's supporters gather in the main office to protest the posters, which have no stamp indicating that they had admin approval to be posted. The students are turned away, after being threatened with suspension for violence (which leaves them puzzled, as they were peaceful and polite). On the way out, they are pushed around and egged by ST supporters. As a result, CAG's supporters get a suspension for 3 days.
  • On the day of the election, excitement is high. The votes are submitted to the teachers, and they start counting. Most of the homerooms report the results promptly. Their raw tally is 57 CAG, 43 ST, even higher than predicted. As the votes are not counted individually, but as a homeroom, this gives CAG a comfortable lead of four homerooms overall
  • But, wait! 5 homerooms hold back their numbers, stating "issues" with infrastructure (whatever the hell that is). They insist they are working to fix it, but that the school should close for the day. The principal hustles students onto their buses, and announces that all teachers and other staff have 10 minutes to leave before everyone is locked out. As the last teacher leaves, the principal locks all doors.
  • BUT, surprisingly, the teachers from the non-reporting homerooms have stayed behind. And, after a short dinner break, are hard at work counting votes. Which, AMAZINGLY, are nearly 100% for ST, giving him the five homerooms he needs to WIN! Most of the ballots were from students who were absent that day.
  • The next day, the students and teachers return to be greeted with the news that ST has won. A Victory Party is "spontaneously" organized in the cafeteria, a party to which 10 students show up out of 650. Those present loudly proclaim that this PROVES the validity of the victory.
  • Amazingly, after the election, those late-registering students are never seen again. AND, the actual ballots seem to have disappeared.
Now, if you were a student, would you give up and accept the election results?

Friday, June 11, 2021

The Problem of 'Free' Health Care for All

That 'Free' gets to be very expensive - for all who pay taxes.

Now, the Leftist and his followers, the "Progressives", think this is a GOOD thing. After all, why shouldn't those with money pay for the 'Health Care' of those who don't have a well-paying job?

Note I wrote "well-paying job". That's because those who are Officially Poor often have more disposable income than those who work for their own support. Don't believe that? Check this out.

Are there actual Poor People? Of course. But they are NOT in the majority of those classified as poor. Most of the "Poor" are people whose income from working is low, that's true. But, rather than encourage those people to improve their situation, the Poverty Pimps (those well-meaning and usually Left-leaning social workers and community workers who live off government support for their work) work quite energetically at supplementing their clients' income with support payments.

Support payments are given for being Official Poor. They rise if the OP STAYS poor. They will be cut off if that person successfully improves their situation (such as getting a better job, which may not have benefits or even that much extra money). The entire purpose of the system is to keep OPs from changing their lives for the better. They are financially penalized if they do.

There are those who say "No one LIKES being poor!". While it's true that, given unlimited alternatives, almost all would prefer having more money.

The thing is, in America, being Officially Poor is 'comfortable enough'. They don't make so much money they lose their entitlement to feel downtrodden and put-upon, just enough that the Pinch of Poverty - that spur that drives people to rise early, work hard, and Get the Hell out of Da' Hood - is a minor annoyance, not an acute ache.

Now, a suggestion for the future:

Take the time - NOW - to shore up your possessions, home, and body. At this time, it is cheaper, and easier, to make those repairs, then it will be in another year or two. Plus, at today's interest rates, you can often negotiate a "same as cash" deal with providers for a limited number of months without paying interest. That, alone, will look like a genius move when the interest rates start climbing - and they WILL start climbing.

Get your teeth fixed, any Lasix or other needed surgery, and don't forget to work on general fitness and trimming down. You'll never regret getting your body in the best shape it can be.

As for a house, look outside - FAR outside of a city. Put as much as you can down, to get a good interest rate. But, leave some cash in reserve to get the best deal on repairs and upgrades. Invest in a security setup - but, NOT the kind that has subscription monitoring. YOU want to be the one in charge of your own defense.

Buy extra shelf-stable food on sale, and store it safely. Lay in supplies of rechargeable batteries, solar panels, and a generator (and the gas to run it). Have alternative ways to weatherize your home/provide power. That includes heating water for showering/sanitation. And, have an alternative way to wash clothing, should power go out.

Create an 'emergency pharmacy' - common drugs, OTCs, and first aid supplies. Talk to your doctor, and see if you can get a prescription for a 90-day supply of needed meds to keep in reserve (rotating them as you get new meds). Check with GoodRX to see if you can pay for the meds yourself, with the discount, without going through your prescription drug plan. Most of them frown on stockpiling, and will NOT pay for it. 

The idea is to be self-sufficient enough, to ride out temporary disruptions to the supply chain. I don't anticipate long-term disruptions (Americans are remarkably ingenious about getting around restrictions, and our truckers have a long tradition of ignoring inconvenient laws). The point is to keep a sudden critical need from forcing you to give up your rights as a citizen.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Some Different Sources for News Feeds

I've been feeling as thought my older sources of aggregated news were getting tired and old (Instapundit and Ace of Spades are the two top ones).

Well, Ace has stepped up their game - the tech feed they've added to their daily news is not only timely, but also contains some reports I've not seen elsewhere. Today's feed (link above) has some news about Bitcoin, and Ring camera privacy, that is worth that time spent, alone.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Leftist, or Liberal - Or, Leftist-Lite?

It's a close call. I began to realize that it would be important to create a post on this, when I read a similar discussion on The New Neocon.

Generally, I would say that the Leftist is more hard-core. Someone who is aware that their support is not just for causes that "Good People" support, but someone who is aware that their support will likely lead to complete overthrow of our current social, economic, and political systems.

 Liberals would generally include what would be called Progressive Democrats, the "good" Republicans (of the NY/Rockefeller/Romney type), and non-affiliated peoples with vaguely socially Left-of-Center ideals. They may be 'squishes', but they are extremely resistant to any attempt to bring them closer to the Center, let alone the Right.

The last category, Leftist-Lite, is one that is common in America today. They haven't anything as firm as actual principles. Some of them are, frankly, too uninformed (or, sadly, dumb) to be able to explain the rationale behind their positions. What they are is Fervent Supporters of What Everyone Else Who is One of the Good Ones Espouses. 

In other words, they take their position because, at heart, they are followers. Whatever the currently fashionable narrative is among their group, they accept it wholeheartedly.

The Leftist-Lite people aren't inherently bad, just Clueless Dupes. They will be HORRIFIED to find out that they were wrong, in the unlikely event that Non-Leftists ever manage to break through the Media Bubble.

But, I'm probably kidding myself. Ordinary people are quite capable of ignoring/forgetting the plain truth, when it contradicts their long-accepted dogma.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021


I'm not buying this unlikely story; the more I think about it, it looks like a Federal Op. It seems to be yet another piece of Fake News from people who don't understand how Bitcoin works.

How do you tell that your government is lying?

Their lips are moving.

Not fair!

Surely, somewhere there is an unethical lawyer (one not already working for the government) who will help me craft a lawsuit that addresses this problem.

Monday, June 7, 2021

FWIW - Kamala Harris

I try not to judge kids on their parents' reputation (or, actual knowledge of the nefarious deeds they committed).

But the strenuous efforts the Media made to conceal this make it likelier than not there is some truth to this report.

Read the whole thing - the intertwined nature of the relationships of the Left will leave you agog. It's positively an incestuous nest of what in the old days were just called "Commies".