Saturday, November 20, 2021

Intellectual Freedom, My A$$

This link at Bookriot is filled with the Virtue Signaling garbage of those on The Left who wrongly believe that they are THE One Person That Keeps the Forces of EVIL from taking over all the world's 'conversations'.

And, by 'conversations', they mean - B***h, you BETTER parrot what I TELL you to.

 These complaints are coming from grown adults who may or may not live in a community and more often than not, they’re aligned with right-wing groups funded by a lot of dark money. Moms of Liberty — currently putting a bounty on teachers who talk about systemic racism — is but one of many of such groups across the United States, typically spearheaded by a failed or hopeful politician.

 Honey, nobody give a rat's a$$ what a teacher talks about in school, as long as she/he/zit is responsible, and actually TEACHES: Class, here is what The Left says Systemic Racism is. Here is why The Right doesn't agree. Now, go home, talk to your family, and get their thoughts on it. The test will only ask for you to be able to list the main points of each side. You can take any side, or hate/love them all.

If that were all, no problem.

But, that's not what happens. Kids are FORCED to take a side (and they BETTER take the 'correct' side), in front of the class. Group pressure is used to keep people from openly supporting the OTHER side - opposite what the teacher supports.

And, you might ask, how ever will they know what the teacher thinks?

  • Posters
  • Bumper stickers
  • Videos supporting that side shown in class
  • T-shirts/buttons/open advocacy
And, of course, the fake-friendly reassurance by the "impartial" teacher that she is JUST FINE with alternative viewpoints.

Right. Sure. Like that won't put a target on the kids' head. And, all the suckups eager to get the teacher's approval eagerly labeling them EVIL, and taking revenge via social media.

The Twitter link in this is to a picture of masked Proud Boys.
They share information across public and private social media tools (here’s a great example of an extremist group gearing up their followers to at protest one school board meeting this week). These groups put board members in a position of being on the defense, and in many cases board members need to be escorted to their vehicles after a meeting because their literal safety is at risk.

Their LITERAL SAFETY? Get real. At that meeting, no violence.  

In the first example of those Extremists, in IL, despite some efforts, they weren't in evidence at the meeting:

Members of the Proud Boys — a far-right neo-fascist group which has recently latched onto school board protests around the country — promoted the meeting on a messaging app commonly used by far-right activists and urged each other to attend, according to screenshots posted to social media. It’s unclear whether any members of the group showed up.

OMZ! INVISIBLE EXTREMISTS! How terrifying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, if parents don't give in to The Leftists, they are Endangering Their Children's Mental Health!!!!!!!

...the same groups that are pushing anti-antiracism with their anti-“CRT” movement that conveniently includes anyone who isn’t straight, too, is going to start coming hard for mental health. They’re already protesting social emotional learning, and the next logical step is the books that talk about mental health.


The people who want even very young kids to be exposed to the idea that they can LITERALLY switch their sex/gender (Hint: they cannot), and who dissolve into tears at any opposition (when they aren't committing assault on opponents), are going to be in charge of Mental Health.

Sounds legit to me. 

Other concerns about censorship are just too ridiculous for words. Parental concerns about some rather explicit literature in school libraries is waved away as The Worst Thing Ever! The concern of Leftists:

...those same books are on a frequent-flier list of books currently facing challenges or bans across the country, the titles gaining notoriety through social media memes and out-of-context quotes from the book’s more suggestive passages. While some of the passages are explicit, depicting sex as either trauma, discovery or both, none are prurient, gratuitous, obscene or pornographic. None, for example, approach the violence and prurience of Popeye’s rape of 17-year-old Temple with a corncob in Faulkner’s “Requiem for a Nun,” following which Popeye pimps out the girl so he can watch. None include the copious use of the N-word and the latent racism of Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn.” None approach the irony of the “Nausicaa” episode in James Joyce’s “Ulysses,” where Leopold Bloom masturbates to Gerty MacDowell’s leg. None quite approximate the male brutality, serial rape and police-state themes of “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Those books, all by white authors, three of them male and dead, are frequent, never-noticed titles on high school reading lists. 

Yeah, because NONE of these parents would ALSO be against many of those books by White authors.


There is censorship - government action to prevent adults from reading what they choose. And, then, there is Not-Censorship - PARENTS making the decision that the media is not appropriate for children in a school library, and voicing their concerns at the public forum designed to hear those concerns.

You are, in fact, free to read what you like in America.

You are not, though, able to force the rest of us to pay for it. Or, to force topics so adult on the legally minor, against parents wishes.

There was a time when adults would sue for their right to buy non-community-approved books, for consumption in their own homes. They won in court. From there, it was a short step to making sure that libraries had that same media available in libraries, where it would be placed in the adult sections.

Now, they want to force schools to have books with adult themes/language to be in school libraries/booklists, whether or not parents approve of those choices.

News Flash - if The Left wants children to have exposure to sexually explicit literature, they need to make their OWN kids, and put those values into practice. Leave other peoples' kids alone.

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