Friday, July 29, 2022

What The Elite Fears

What The Elite (who fervently believe that they, and ONLY they, should rule this country) Fears:

That the average person - non-Elite, might be White, or not, believes that earning a living, raising a family, and conducting oneself as though one had a brain is vital to national interests - might have a significant say in how this country is run, and how the money raised in taxes or borrowed to run the government is spent.

That's it.

No White Supremacy. No Hate the Gay. No explicit teaching of sectarian faith in public schools (that also includes the religion of Leftism). Everyone has a vote - ONE. Any vote has to have been cast by a LEGAL CITIZEN - a person, not a bot.

But, also reduction of ALL subsidies:
  • Corporate/Industrial
  • For "Cultural" activities
  • For "Get Out the Vote" (GOTV) activities - that is a STATE responsibility.
  • For grants to schools - public or private (the STATES can do whatever the hell they want - this is about FEDERAL money - money taken by force from taxpayers).
  • Ag subsidies - which, mostly, end up in the hands of the Big Multinational Businesses. Direct loans to farmers experiencing UNUSUAL circumstances, no problem - low interest rates, too. But, that loan should also include someone looking into the books to see how the farm might get back on the pathway to solvency and become profitable and largely self-sustaining.
  • Which might mean that both the food stamp/EBT and free lunches might have to be reduced. Well, okay. There's a lot of waste in those programs - in many schools, ALL children are deemed eligible for the programs, with no check on actual income. And, having worked in those schools, I also know - from personal experience - that there is a LOT of plate waste, AND a lot of fat kids being produced from the sale of snacks and pizza for cash. What, 'poor' kids have money? Yeah, that would be because a sizable percentage of them aren't actually poor.
  • As for food stamps, the local stores - often run by people of foreign birth - are notorious for trading small amounts of cash (and, maybe a little not-eligible alcohol or tobacco) for the ability to run their card for non-existent amounts of groceries. Not helping those families; just putting ill-gotten gains into the hands of those businesses.
  • And, a not-inconsiderable quantity of that WIC powdered formula - the formula that is in such shortage - is going to dealers to cut their drugs. That could be stopped tomorrow by making only liquid, condensed formula eligible for WIC. A quck, and effective fix.
ALL departments at the federal level should have to reduce their budgets by at least 10% the first year, and an equal amount (plus inflation) the next, until - we hope - that department is either gone, or reduced to the level that would be compatible with that of the early days of the Republic.

They could start with Waste, Abuse, and Fraud. At the national level, it's huge. ALL departments would have to identify the top 5 areas of WAF, and reach their target of 10% reduction, or face loss of funds in the next budget.

If the states think a non-essential program that is on the federal chopping block is such an important thing to do, they should apply for a Reverse Grant. State residents will have the Federal portion of their taxes reduced to pay for it, and that money sent directly to state government to run that program. The money never hits the federal coffers.

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