Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We're Past Denial, and Anger, and Bargaining


I'm still pushing awareness of the whole scandal. It's amazing, even with mention in a debate, some front-page stories, and peripheral intermingling in the Petraeus story, that so many people have no idea what the story was about.

It's time to get serious.

We need to pare down our agenda to the core issues, concerns, and base-building activities.

    Dealing with Identifications issues - illegal aliens using other people's identity, voting fraud, privacy concerns balanced against need to verify identity.

    Bringing the Budget Monster into balance - SOME entitlements are going to have to pare down their cost. We need to cap some entitlement programs - after all, we aren't creating more disabilities, so the numbers of recipients shouldn't be increasing - but they ARE. This needs to stop. Same with many "poverty" programs. We need to base the maximum on what it actually takes to have a PARED-DOWN lifestyle - no internet, ONE phone per household, with limitations on monthly calls/data transfer, NO cable, NO luxuries. Even if the average lifestyle of citizens in the US increases, the amount given to recipients shouldn't change, UNLESS the cost of getting BASIC items changes.
    This is not popular. It will have the usual suspects screaming that this approach is "hateful", "cruel", and, probably, "racist" (even though MOST recipients are white - amazing how nobody objects when THAT word is not capitalized).

    Reforming education - getting the federal government OUT of the scene, uprooting those Leftists from schools, departments of ed, and ed schools. Tie grants, loans, and scholarships to taking majors that actually have a likelihood of making the graduate employable. NO grant money for elementary teachers who don't also take college-level math.

    Base-building - we need to bring in younger people at the local level, into the leadership roles as they qualify for them, and start moving those who won't "bend" out of the hierarchy. No more ORCAs - build the robust apps, AND train those who will use them. But, nothing can replace the door-to-door networking. THAT'S where we need to focus.

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