Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Antebellum Campus

Today's campuses have a LOT in common with the Old South, pre-Civil War:

  • ALL women are fragile, delicate flowers

  • They cannot TAKE coarse, rough language

  • They are put on a pedestal (in today's terms, they CANNOT be criticized for ANYTHING)

  • They can say or do anything, without forfeiting their position

  • They can chastise any men, without fear of being contradicted

  • They are prone to the vapors if the subject veers into potentially upsetting topics

  • Their virtue (sexual and otherwise) may NOT be questioned

  • They are not responsible for their actions - it was ALWAYS the fault of the big, bad man

  • They are ENTITLED to support from some man, or the government - surely, you don't expect them to PAY for their upkeep?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

This Makes My Blood Boil!

Evidence backing up the claim that Bergdahl VOLUNTARILY left the US forces to join the Taliban may not even be introduced at the trial.  This, I believe, is a mistake.

Apparently, the government feels that the case is so strong that the tapes aren't needed.  However, I believe that failure to include them - and drive a nail in the coffin of conviction - will lead to yet another obvious case that the Leftists/Progressives will use to lead the charge of "false conviction".

And, we've seen too many of those Hiss/Rosenberg trials that the Left is STILL insisting is due to an overreaching, diabolical government conspiracy to hang perfectly innocent victims.  Which they will use to raise funds.

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Man, One Vote - KINDA

The influx of "undocumented" invaders into more heavily Democratic areas of the country is clearly intended to keep the power in the hands of the party that wants our borders to be nonexistent.  This court case addresses this ploy, by asking the Constitutional question:

Should our representation be governed by eligible voters, or by rounding up/importing "persons" into would-be Democratic strongholds?

It's a good question, and one with Constitutional precedents.  The 3/5ths clause was designed to keep Southern slaveowning states from getting an unfair advantage by fully counting their inhabitants, including slaves, for representational purposes.  In other words, it was designed to dilute the slaveowners' political power.

Funnily enough, the polling precincts with the fewest number of eligible voters often out-vote those with a higher percentage of eligibility.  True the Vote is one of those many organizations that are fighting voter fraud.

But, but, but....

Isn't voter fraud a myth?


Here are other instances of fraud.

And here, with multiple videos.

And, in nearby NC.  Which, is why the state enacted Voter ID - which did NOT reduce non-White voting; it actually increased.


Playing Around With a Cloud

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Change of Appearance

I decided to re-boot my site with a fresh appearance - this may change.  The previous one, with rainbows and sunshine, seemed too perky for the grim times we are seeing in the world.

Finally Out of Lockdown Hell

I apparently violated the upper limits on database tables, so was kept from posting/administration for the better part of a month.

Just too busy to straighten it out.

As I was able to log into my Outlawblogger site (which I share with other bloggers), I didn't pu ta priority on it.  Yesterday, when I found myself with extra time in the day, seemed a good time to clear up loose ends.

So, I'm back.  Estimated frequency of posting - about 3 times a week.