Friday, August 31, 2012

Thought About the RNC

It was a little slow.  Even the delegates seemed a little sleepy at times.

Ann Romney - for someone who is not a professional speaker, she did just fine - the crowd liked her, and she didn't make a mistake.  She didn't drag out of lot of personal anecdotes, but the Romneys are NOT public emoters.

Chris Christie - for him, low-key, but passionate.  More about him than Romney, but using his story to make some needed points about values, policies, and how to treat people - take note on that last, Dems, before you try to use your standard slash & burn campaign strategies.

Marco Rubio - Boy, is he young!  He spoke well and hit all the Republican high notes.  I didn't know that he was a Tea Party favorite, who trounced Gov. Christ in the primaries.  Likely to have a bright future.  Expect Dems and Liberals to throw money, booze, and women in his path, hoping that he'll bite.

Condi Rice - Nice speech.  I didn't notice the lipstick, but then, I was focused on the substance of the speech, unlike the Dems.

Paul Ryan - Dynamic, passionate, and cool.  For that reason, the Liberals ha

ve spent most of their energy "refuting" his facts in his speech.

From MSNBC (before the breakup):
Fact checkers have had a field day breaking down at least five inaccuracies or misleading elements in Ryan's speech.

Ryan said a GM plant in Wisconsin that President Obama promised to keep open, eventually closed.

But, according to these reporters, that's a LIE.
The Truth: The GM plant closure was announced in June of 2008, when George W. Bush was president. Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

According to  CNS News:
But Ryan is in fact correct. The Janesville GM factory stopped production of SUVs in December 2008 and closed its doors for good in 2009 – less than one year after Obama promised to keep it open for another hundred years.

In his speech in Janesville, then-Sen. Obama said that if elected, he would support retooling the Janesville plant to make energy efficient vehicles. Despite his administration’s carefully shepherding of GM through bankruptcy, the Janesville plant has not been retooled to make anything.

Even though he said he supported retooling, and his government officials oversaw the GM bankruptcy, the Janesville plant was ignored.

Furthermore, although they lay the blame for the plant closing on G. W. Bush - who was President then, the FACT is that Bush didn't make any promises, direct or implied, during the campaign.

Obama did.

So, I'd call this arguable, at worst - which a prudent and responsible press and Democrats - but, I repeat myself - would relegate this to the category of issues that the sides disagrees about - NOT A LIE.

I'll post later on the other disagreements.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

OMZ! Mention of a Certain City...

...located in the southeast corner of Illinois is - wait for it - RACIST!  Because Black people live there.

Unfortunately, my eldest daughter just moved to Chi-OMZ, you almost tricked me into being racist!

Thoughts About the RNC

A little quieter today.  Rick Santorum is talking to the commentators, and is quite charming - much looser and more at ease than he was during the campaign.

Patti Bondi (Attorney General from FL) looks SO much like the actress from Reba that played the 2nd wife (Melissa Peterman).  Fortunately, she isn't as ditzy.

John Thune (R-SD) is talking - doing a good job, very smooth.  He is QUITE tall - former basketball player.

He's good at pacing his speech - Mitt could take a lesson from him.

The crowd must be top-heavy with small businessmen - they cheer most loudly when the phrase "I DID build this" is spoken.

I'm watching PBS coverage - Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill.

The commentators are talking about how Republicans are not all on board with Mitt - they seem excited about the prospect of a divided party.  Gwen especially has an ear-to-ear grin on her face.

The talk at the table is about the young people - as a result of the massive numbers that voted in the last election, there are still many who are involved - mostly Liberal, unfortunately.

Both Condi Rice and Paul Ryan were well received - Condi is less polished and a little nervous, I think, but does well.

Paul Ryan was a BIG hit!  He was slightly wonkish, but very telegenic, and with an altar boy earnestness.

Just going to close, but I did want to post a link.

MANY conservatives have mentioned being afraid to "come out of the conservative closet" at work.  This is a MAJOR problem for those of us working in Liberal Strongholds, such as Education.

I post under a concealing name, due to my concern about rabid Liberals, some of whom would delight in seeing a conservative fired or not hired.  Why do I think this?  They've told me about their wishes (not dreaming that I wouldn't agree with either their politics or their vindictiveness).

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Et Tu, Barack?

When still a Senator, Barack Obama called President Bush:


for adding $4 trillion to the national debt in eight years.

Barack Calls Bush "Unpatriotic"

Never mind that during that time, Bush had:

  • The 9/11 attack

  • Fought 2 wars, in Iraq and Afghanistan

  • Dealt with the near-meltdown of the financial market (I've always been suspicious of the CAUSE of that "crisis" - it seemed too mysterious in its sudden onset, just before the election - and a near-copy of a Tom Clancy novel's plot).

Today, $5 trillion added in just over 3 years is - well - OK.  Not a problem.  Not a reason to hunker down and cut expenses.

Oh, come on!  Any sensible family in those circumstances would do the same - it's no time to take on NEW debt, and it's a great time to:

  • Pare away the frills - the gym membership, the nights out on the town, the fancy home entertaining, etc.

  • Ruthlessly comb the budget for ways to save - refinance the home or car, change shopping habits, call up your creditors and ask for reductions in finance charges, renegotiate for better pricing on cable, phone, and other regular expenses.

  • Have a garage sale, and put the proceeds to debt reduction.

The government could do the same - do we REALLY need to have a Congressional Gym?  Could we charge for it?  Could we cut the budget for state entertaining?

Could we look at ways for government entities to save money - is the process for government procuring something that could be reformed?  How about the banks we stash cash in?  Should we hit them up for better deals - instead of paying them to hold our cash, could we GET money for it?

Let's look at selling off government lands - or, better yet, find businesses that want to lease them for - dare I say it - PROFIT.  Lumber companies, mining interests, etc.  By leasing, we're not giving away the land at fire sale prices.  And, we're eliminating the cost of land management.  Plus, with the land in private hands, it's less likely that the fires will get so out of hand - something that takes a LOT of money to fight.

So, when you go into the booths on election night, ask yourself,

IF George Bush was "unpatriotic" for adding $4 trillion in 8 years, WHAT is Barack Obama for adding $5 trillion in 3+ years?


Monday, August 27, 2012

Plans to Disrupt the RNC

The activists' plan has been used before - the violence is PLANNED.  Not violence against the RNC - that will be mostly property damage.


No, I mean plans to provoke violence AGAINST the "protestors".


First, you must understand there are 3 levels of protestors:

  • Red - the hard-core planners and directors, and those willing to commit ANY violence to reach their ends.

  • Yellow - the ones that will put their bodies on the line - chaining themselves to structures, placing themselves in a position to be arrested.

  • Green - those are the innocent ones that will suffer the retaliation.  The plan is for them to have their bodies put in the way of danger, to give the Yellows and Reds time to accomplish their plans - the Greens are, largely, ignorant of the goals of the Yellows and Reds.

The plan worked before, in Chicago and other cities that have suffered political riots.  Because the Greens are truly guiltless of intent to commit violence, they can honestly say that the cops hit them for no reason.

Read here for a more detailed description of the plans - EarthFirst.

Pay attention for mentions of Lisa Fithian - she's the hardcore domestic terrorist/planner whose efforts may lead to innocents dying - which she is hoping and planning for.

Part of the plan is to shut down communications.  I'm wondering if the cops can manage to shut down cell towers in the immediate area of the convention - which should stop the terrorists' communications with most of their people.


Above is a picture of Lisa Fithian, the leader of the domestic terrorists that will be targeting the RNC.  Keep an eye out for her in videos and interviews.  She believes that total disruption of medical and emergency services for the city is acceptable.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Slavery - It Still Exists in Muslim Countries

And, it's almost always non-Muslims that are the victims.

The courts won't protect them.  The police will arrest them as "blasphemers".

Read the full story, at Pamela Geller's Atlas Shrugs.

The Crimes of the Obama Administration, Part I

I know, how uncivil.  But, crimes is the appropriate word - read the bullet points to see why.

  • Fast & Furious - for those not familiar with the case, the ATF allowed, and, according to some sources, even forced legal gun dealers to sell to shady characters.  The idea was to follow the buyer, who would sell to gangsters south of the border.  Not that different from previous operations, that arrested the "straw buyer", once he re-sold the guns.  However, this time, they didn't arrest at that point.  They wanted to catch bigger fish - the end buyer.  So, over 2,000 guns were illegally sold - many of which the ATF lost track of.  We know, because of the tracking numbers, that about 300 Mexican citizens were killed, others wounded.  And 1 American border agent, Brian Terry.  Only about 1/3 of the guns have been recovered - so there are MANY guns floating around for future crimes - WELL DONE, ATF!

  • Eric Holder - contempt of Congress, for refusing to turn over documents requested as part of an investigation into F & F.  Holder claimed executive privilege - which DOES NOT apply in his case, unless the President was involved - which, Obama claims NOT to have been.  Stalemate.  Holder is widely believed to be stalling, trying to avoid prosecution until AFTER the election.  Strong candidate for last-minute pardon from Obama.

  • Jon Corzine - Campaign "bundler" for Obama - essentially, collects donations, and forwards them to the campaign.  He is the top bundler for Obama.  His company, MF Global, which officially failed in 2011, missing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in customer accounts - which should NEVER be touched.  It's not only a violation of trust, it's a FELONY.  So far, Jon Corzine has NOT been indicted.  Holder (see above) has declined to indict Corzine.  But, wait, not everyone will roll over for the connected guy!

  • William McMahon - He's the former Deputy Assistant Director of ATF Field Operations, and "one of five key figures at the agency responsible for “Fast and Furious.”  He's currently on PAID LEAVE from the ATF, and ALSO collecting a 6-figure income from J. P. Morgan.  Not only questionable, if not downright shady, but he's also conveniently out of the country - gonna be tough to question him, or arrest him there.

I'm exhausted.  I will come back later for Part II.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Battling Threat to Free Speech

The 1st Amendment right to free speech is at risk.  Other countries do NOT have that protection (Canada is an example), and have many rules/laws in place that limit their citizens' ability to express themselves, without severe financial and criminal consequences.

As a result, many people have come to see these limitations as the norm.  Speech or writing that "demeans" many protected groups (non-white, gay, women, etc.) is forbidden.  The speaker/writer may be sued for engaging in such expression.

In addition to these groups, another special interest has been given the right to be free from criticism - Muslims.  It has been interpreted so that CORRECTLY quoting the Koran or other Muslim writings may lead to a court trial - which may involve penalties including fines and jail time.

Jail time?  Yes.  For expressing oneself on topics freely - and that DOESN'T involve anything but the truth.

There are people who are trying to extend Resolution 16/18, which makes it a CRIME to:
limit speech that is viewed as “discriminatory” or which involves the “defamation of religion” – specifically that which can be viewed as “incitement to imminent violence.”

The religion that this resolution is concerned about - well, it ISN'T Christianity or Judaism.

It is Islam.

Pay attention to that phrase "incitement to imminent violence".  Well, who could be against speech so hateful that listeners are impelled to commit violent acts?

Me, for starters.

We are NOT talking about untruthful speech - adequate remedies exist for that.

We are talking about speech that some object to - the very same type of speech that the 1st Amendment was designed to protect.

So, under this resolution, all that has to happen to negate your 1st Amendment rights is for someone to object to it - and threaten violent actions.  This is a resolution that Obama's State Dept. was actively involved in passing.  Those that were involved point out that the resolution was watered down in the process.

That's no consolation - this time, the fanatics didn't have all the votes.  Wait until the effects of this resolution take effect, and opposition is silenced.  In time, it will begin to seem inadequate to stop dissent.

Then, stronger measures will be imposed.

One way that the Anti-Free-Speech (AFS) crowd tries to shut down dissent is to file frivolous lawsuits against the publishers of that speech.  The lawsuit doesn't have to have merit to cost the publishers quite a bit of money - which is NOT reimbursed once the claim is found to be without merit.  These are called SLAPP suits.

Senator John Kyl (R-AZ) has sponsored legislation that addresses this issue - and provides an appropriate response.  The bill:
Most of the text below (bill S. 3493, obtained through is written in dense legalese, but the first five or six paragraphs will give the reader an idea of what he aims to accomplish.

The purpose is to give the target of a frivolous lawsuit an opportunity to move for summary dismissal. Such a motion will force the plaintiff filing the suit to demonstrate that his action is substantive and not frivolous. If he fails to do so, the suit will be dismissed and the plaintiff required to pay the defendant’s costs.

Note that last, boldfaced part.  It takes away one common reason for folding in the face of threats - that the money one spends on lawyers outweighs the satisfaction of winning.

Please, contact your senator, and urge them to support this bill.  Later on, when the bill is brought up in the House, I'll be back to let you know, and urge that you contact your representative.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Persuasion - Intimidation!

That's what too many Romney/other non-Obama candidate supporters have been reporting.


To discuss is the essence of what American politics is about.


To intimidate is:

  • Personal threats - yelling, calling that person "racist", getting in that person's face - invading their personal space, spreading rumors about them, tearing up yard signs or keying cars with Romney stickers.  Also includes going to court to open sealed records of divorce proceedings - which Obama did in 2 cases, to eliminate his opponent's chances of winning an election.

  • Other threats - threatening their livelihood, complaining to their employer, trying to get a list of donors for the purpose of intimidating them (which is being tried NOW).

  • Using the IRS, Justice Dept, or other government entity to force opposing views to shut up.

Ask yourself - would YOU want those tactics used against you?  If not, don't tolerate it by those you support.

Who's Your Mama?

This is a link to an explanation of who Huma Abedin (Weiner) is related to - her mother, who has STRONG ties to many radical Muslim organizations.


Still think her close associates don't need investigation?


More later.