Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Question for the Secret Service?

If a woman does what I think she SHOULD do, and cold-cocks the Veep, would you shoot her?

I really don't understand why a woman doesn't slap his smug mouth.  I have NO respect for the many men who have seen their wives degraded and groped - in public - as it clearly proves that their boss can "take" their women without protest.  What's he have to do to get some pushback?  Dry hump her in public?  Would these "men" say a word then?

Monday, March 30, 2015

Roundup of News and Information

I've been busy - REALLY busy - for the last few weeks.  Just catching up on life events (cleaning, organizing, taxes), lots to do at work (I DO still have to work), taking 2 grad classes (I needed Gifted and Talented endorsement to continue teaching the Honors classes), and a bum knee (partly torn meniscus, and partly osteoarthritis).

As a result, I've had little time to do much beyond hit the headlines, and skim the more popular blogs for the last month and a half.  I'm getting ready to pack up for my Easter Break - 9 days off work, with little to do but housework, taxes, and healing.  The kids at work are playing catch-up (review, completing and turning in unfinished work, and taking an online quiz), so I have a few minutes:

There's lots more that I could post about, but I'm out of time today.

Monday, March 23, 2015

An Interesting Question

Here's the summary for Hillary Clinton's custody of State Department official records:

  • She used her personal server to store official Department email.  She never used a government email account; in fact, never was issued a dot-gov address.

  • That server, while physically secure (according to her), has not been determined to be secure from hacking.   She has, so far, refused to turn over her server for inspection by disinterested 3rd-parties.

  • She APPARENTLY did not sign the OF-109, which certifies that ALL State Department records have been turned back to them when separated (EVEN if that separation is for 60 days - more about that later).

  • MANY emails were deemed, by her and her staff, to be "personal" and not necessary to keep - therefore, she deleted them.  End of story.  She has, so far, refused to allow further investigation of this process - how she determined they were personal, inspection of the drive to see if they could be recovered, or other oversight of her procedures.

  • She did NOT turn over the documents - she turned over paper copies.  The original emails  are, in fact, the OFFICIAL documents, in electronic form.

What I find VERY INTERESTING is that no one, at this point, has asked a question that SCREAMS to be asked - did HUMA ABEDIN ever sign off on an OF-109?  At what time?  When she left regular employment with the State Dept?  When she stopped working as a special contractor (and, did she sign the regular documentation that I assume a contractor would have to)?  When she stopped being paid by the State Dept?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Unintended Effects of Late Marriage

Everyone knows the risk factors for birth defects and maternal age, don't they?

The older the mother, the higher the likelihood of Down's Syndrome and other anomalies.  This graph shows the connection.

MAgegraph_ChromI think most families would rather avoid the risk, if possible.

So, why are women being advised to delay marriage, often until their late 20's or early 30's?  This makes no sense.  An additional factor that is skewed in the direction of higher maternal age is the diminished chances of getting pregnant, whether naturally, or with assistance from medical technology.

In this regard, as in many others, the modern feminist establishment seems to act in ways that contradict their stated intention of helping women achieve their goals.


Bad Knee Leads to Bad Back...

..Bad, bad, back!  I'm out today from work (hate to do that, but I really am in bad shape).  Can't get into the doctor's until Monday, so, need to call off for that day, too.  AND make up some lessons that the kids can do without me.  It's more work than going to work, so, usually, I just suck it up.

Not today, though.  I'm a big baby about severe pain.

Since I didn't take work home with me, and I really don't like TV, I'll plan on catching up with my web reading and blogging.

Then, later, after lunch, maybe a little Roku.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Originally Posted on Facebook, but...

...then, I realized that I hadn't said all that I had in me, so, here's my thinking:

    • WHY should we all be yelling? Loud and clear - also, sending message, telephone call, and, yes, PAPER mail (The more work it is for us, the more likely our representatives/Senators are to take notice of our displeasure) to Congress/Senate.From Facebook.

    • Because

    • "The cynical and dystopian view?

    • One of the unavoidable dominoes will be broad censorship. Once the deprioritization of broadcast packets leads to the epic traffic jam that will reduce the Web’s US speeds to worse than those found in Europe, the government of the day will, once again, have to “save us” from this “unforseen” outcome and their clever plan will include limiting who can “legitimately” have bandwidth preferences, since clearly “legitimate” news outlets need to bypass the buffering jams that will afflict TV signaling and once dot-gov starts adjudicating who’s a “real” news or other “essential” service, licensing will naturally follow, and then “standards” of what is “acceptable” traffic.

    • At which point, whichever political party is in power at that time will have the distinct advantage of licensing whomever they deem to be more politically correct in their eyes. “Neutrality” on the ‘Net? Yeah, not so much."

    • Please SHARE as widely as possible.

    • http://noisyroom.net/…/net-neutrality-young-fool-only-now-…/

  • As usual, Breitbart is at the front of this,

The scariest part?
Obama has nationalized the banks, student loans, housing, healthcare and now the Internet. Americans walk around fancying that they live in a Republic that is no more. Marxism rules the red, white and blue now.

It's time for me to order this:

Ham Radio - A Survival Skill