Thursday, November 8, 2012

Education is the Key

And by education, I mean that Conservatives need to put on a whole-hearted effort to educate some essential groups (that will make it possible to win elections at SOME time in the future):

  • Candidates - they need to learn media strategies, and face small groups of conservatives early on, answering questions about touchy topics.  Some of the group needs to play devil's advocate, asking questions from the standpoint of an outraged liberal - "Why do you want to put women back in chains?", "If a woman is raped, why should she have to suffer and give birth to her rapist's child?", and other such impassioned pleas.  They need to learn not to fall back on rhetoric, but to listen, empathize with  the questioner's pain, and to respond in ways that won't make cringe-worthy headlines.

  • Current elected officials - they need to either get out of public office, or do it right.

  • Those wanting to help others seek office (I'm thinking of the effectiveness of the "Clean Gene" McCarthy troops, who made cosmetic improvements, throttled down their screaming, and were able to meet the primary voters in non-threatening terms.

  • Young people - they should be receptive to the idea that they will be toiling for the majority of their lives just to pay off the debt of previous generations.  We need to organize a concentrated effort to counteract the Leftist teaching that permeates schools today.

For all of the above, we need to find someone who will lay out the cash to help make this happen.

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