Saturday, August 17, 2013

Cloward-Piven, Again

It's the same tactics, in a new war.

For those who, unlike myself, did not attend a liberal college, this may be new to you.  Here's a link explaining the technique.

Here's a link explaining the strategy with their OWN WORDS.  Social service activists have taken over the field of social work, USING the poor/desperate deliberately to move their revolutionary goals.  The social worker who is in the job because she/he want to help people is pushed to cooperate with anti-American movements, that want to bring down the system, no matter who it hurts.

Here is a deeper analysis of the way that crises are deliberately manufactured to promote the destruction of American society.

The efforts to overload the American System to the point of breakdown continues.

One of the little-known (by the general public) institutions that have a LARGE impact on American policy is the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) - Wikipedia reference:
The Institute for Policy Studies is the largest and most influential of the far left think tanks in Washington. Since its founding in 1963 it has steadily followed a pro-Marxist line on foreign policy, defense and the economy and has spawned a large number of spin-offs, other think tanks and public affairs organizations following the same radical agenda.[2]

To put its policy recommendations into action, IPS built networks of contacts among Congressional legislators and their staffs, academics, government officials, and the national media.

Some affiliated people are:

  • Frances Fox Piven - the mother of the Cloward-Piven Strategy

  • Barbara Ehrenreich - wrote Nickled and Dimed - an "experience" working in the minimum-wage job industries that "proved" it was not possible to survive, let alone get ahead.  For a different experience, read Scratch Beginnings.  Adam Shepard, the author, started off in a strange city with just the clothes on his back and $25, and at the end of a year, had money, a home, and transportation.

  •  Leon Panetta - THIS came as a surprise - I think of myself as reasonably well-informed, but had no clue.

  • Noam Chomsky - Super-Leftist.

  • Tom Hayden - Ditto, also founder of SDS.

We have to think of the current situation as the result of a Long March of Progressives.  They laid the groundwork, and are now beginning to make their influence felt.

Fortunately, they are mis-managing the economy, military, education, and other American institutions so thoroughly that they may well doom themselves to a footnote in history, if the American public catches on and votes them out.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Benghazi Update

Once again, the Republicans have gained possession of the political football, and fumbled it.

Why, oh, why, do the Republican leadership let the Obama administration get away with 1/2-truths, outright lies, and evasions? Why can the American public not get the straight story about what actually happened - including EXACTLY what Obama was doing/not doing that fateful night of the Benghazi attack?

Here's a link to a post that addresses that exact issue.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Common Sense for the Modern Era

I just read the Krauthammer post, and was moved to tell you - go read it.

It's a cogent explanation of WHY Obama's policies for the Mid-East make no sense.

.Obama defends the vast NSA data dragnet because of the terrible continuing threat of terrorism. Yet at the same time, he calls for not just amending but actually repealing the legal basis for the entire war on terror, the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force.
Well, which is it? If the tide of war is receding, why the giant NSA snooping programs? If al-Qaeda is on the run, as he incessantly assured the nation throughout 2012, why is America cowering in 22 closed-down embassies and consulates? Why was Boston put on an unprecedented full lockdown after the marathon bombings? And from Somalia to Afghanistan, why are we raining death by drone on “violent extremists” — every target, amazingly, a jihadist? What a coincidence.

This incoherence of policy and purpose is why an evacuation from Yemen must be passed off as “a reduction in staff.” Why the Benghazi terror attack must be blamed on some hapless Egyptian-American videographer. Why the Fort Hood shooting is nothing but some loony Army doctor gone postal.

NAME the enemy - Islamicism, which is the political use of the Quran to impose tyranny on all who oppose that religion.