Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

ONE (1) day until the election.  I can't WAIT! Nor can anyone else who I talk to.

I cautiously anticipate Romney will win.  At least, unless the Nefarious Forces of Vote-Stealing, Vote-Manufacturing, and Funky Voting Machine "Accidents" have their way.

It feels like the teachers' lounge has quieted down.  Few are all that involved; most have resigned themselves to acceptance of the outcome.  Unlike the last election, when threats to leave the country were everywhere, this time most seem to be acting like adults.

I sense that many are doubtful that their candidate (Obama) will make it.  They should be doubtful - if recent rally activity is any indication, Romney/Ryan will romp to the finish line.  The size of the Obama rallies has been pitiful - the media is reduced to reporting that 12,000 people stadiums are filled to 20,000 capacity.  Their bias is coming back to bite them in the hiney.

Like many people, I'm focused on what Romney, and I, can do over the next 4 years (maybe 8) to bring us back from the brink of disaster.  Maybe the Obamanuts aren't concerned about the size of the deficit, but I am.  I can't imagine leaving a debt that large for future generations to handle - it would likely mean a total collapse of the government, and with it, no more Medicaid, Social Security, Disability, Medicare, or any other social service.  I know too many of the Obama supporters think of the Romney supporters as "big meanies" for not blithely writing checks that our banks won't honor.  It's just that they haven't lived through double-digit inflation - I have.  It isn't pretty.

When the inflation erodes buying power, the poor and elderly on fixed incomes suffer the most.  Everyone goes into work, wanting - and truly needing - more money to cover basic bills.  But, the business won't have it.  Their paycheck buys less and less; sometimes, the only solution is to charge basic needs. But, the interest is so high, that they soon get into a situation where they are in an endless debt cycle.

Soon, everyone is screaming at business (who is also suffering from the same problem - their money buys less each week).  Everyone is looking at someone to make it all better.

But, no such person exists.

The real answer is to cut back on government spending, and stop borrowing money to run the government.

It's not a popular solution.

But, it's the only solution that works.

And, worse, it takes time to work.  During that time, every critic in the country is screaming for results, YESTERDAY!

November 6, 201

I voted this morning.  My husband was further back in the line, as he slept in a little later.  We kissed good-bye, and cheerfully went about our business - me to work, him to return to home for possible assignment to a day job.

I have time today to follow along with election results - it's a Professional Day, which means a slow-paced video conference, followed by group work.  With luck, I'll be able to finish my week's lessons (they're sort of done, but need more detail and I need to pull the resources together, including copying papers).

I just read on American Thinker (http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2012/11/geeks_guide_to_election_night.html), that the "toss-up states" those states that could go either way - will close early.  They are:

- FL

- VA

- OH

- NH

- CO

- IA

- WI

- NV

So, watch those states.  They're the ones that will determine the outcome of the election.  With luck, the outcomes will be obvious early on, and we can all go to bed early.

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