Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Could Save Your Life (Or, Someone You Love)

I wish I had had this information before my mother suffered the stroke that ended her life a week later.


It's a link to a site with a pdf of a wallet-sized card reminder of the things to look for if you suspect a stroke.


In all fairness, Mom was also resistant to the idea of going to the ER.  She'd called her regular doctor, and he said he'd see her Tuesday in the office (this was Sunday).  She refused to go to the hospital, as her doctor was aware of the stroke, and wasn't concerned.


He should have been.  Before she could see him, on Monday, she had another stroke, this one more severe.


The argument I should have made was for Dad to realize that she wasn't competent to make the decision.  And, I should have called 911, and let the techs persuade her.


I will be carrying this card in my wallet from now on, and I urge anyone with a history of cardiovascular problems in their family to do the same, as should all their family and friends.


Strokes can be minimized in their damage, IF you seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

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