Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stand Up & Be Counted!

Are you For - or Against Blacklists?


What do I mean?  How can anyone be FOR Blacklists?  Aren't they the McCarthyite (Spit!  Spit!  on his grave) tactic that all proper, good-hearted people are appalled by?  That NO person should EVER employ?  Or Support?


Well, not exactly.


In this article, Jeffrey Lord makes the case that The Tactic has returned - in fact, never left.


Warning - this is LONG (but surprisingly readable).  It may ruffle your feathers, and cause you to stutter, "but, but...".


Just approach it with an open mind.


Then, ask yourself, what if this tactic were employed against ME?  Or someone whom I support?


Would I still think it fair?

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