Monday, March 19, 2012

A VERY Exciting Time to Be A Catholic

Probably more so, than any time in the last century.  We are awakening to the dangers of falling under the spell of a Liberal Philosophy, and thereby weakening our specific, Catholic  traditions.


Catholicism is NOT a liberal institution.  It is profoundly conservative, in the old-fashioned sense of "conserving" its message from Our Lord.  There is a reason that translators try, as far as possible, to adhere to the exact words of the original Bible - they try to conserve the meaning of the stories.  To that end, at times, the Biblical translations have to preserve old parables, then footnote the underlying meaning.  It's a delicate balance, and one that showed up recently with the revised mass liturgy.


That revision attempts to restore the spoken words to be the same as the original (for example, the prior words "and also with you" return to "and with your spirit" - an exact translation of "et cum spiritu tuo").


The new battle with the Obama administration's efforts to force acceptance, and payment for, birth control and abortion, is exhilarating!  It's bringing the fight out in Catholic circles that had begun to lay down and die.


(For those who are fulminating "but the directive DOESN'T cover abortion, that's a later column - trust me, it does.  I'll post later this week, to give you a chance to vent.)


It's those defiant moments that define an organization.  Those moments force the group to mark their territory, plant their sword, and prepare to die rather than submit.  At such a time, organizations reinforce their core.


This is one of those moments.

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