Monday, October 11, 2021

Manufacturing Consent

I was alerted to this book by some noted Leftists - Link Here.

You should click on it, and Share that Link on not-so-social media, if you are still using it.

If you are not, then check out the link anyway, and do as I will to do later today. I will be buying it (although I am generally opposed on principle to direct any of my money in that direction, sometimes knowing what your enemy is up to is critical) - here is the Kindle Link on Amazon.

Oh, wait! I checked with the Library Extension (works with Chrome and the Chrome-like Opera), and, if I'm willing to wait, I can borrow it at my local library.

That's an easy choice!

You may want to buy an actual copy (paperback prices aren't bad at Thriftbooks). It does make it easier to pass it along to others.

That's my plan for the next few years - to begin curating a library of used books related to politics, governance, culture, and history, that I can lend out - whether physical books, or e-books with lending privileges. I anticipate having a lending library for friends and family, and encouraging others to donate books - of ANY persuasion - to the collection.

The more you know...

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