Tuesday, October 5, 2021

High Tide is Here - and it Will Continue Until it Floods the Job Market

Not enough is said about the distortions on the job market by illegal immigrants, fake "refugees" that are given priority for admittance, and the foreign-born children of the 'shouldn't even BE here' occupants of this country.
Every time the job market gets a little tight, leading salaries to rise, the reputably-GOP-backing corporate interests start the drumbeat for increased entrance of foreigners. The gates open, the job market is overwhelmed, and it's back to peon wages for Americans.
In many of the tech professions, it's actually worse. Many Americans have spent considerable money to educate themselves to take advantage of STEM job opportunities, only to find that the market is crammed with Asians, and that the managers (often Indian) are not disposed to hire native Americans. Some industries have found that kickbacks from the workers to their managers are common.
I've not been posting much lately -either here, or on Liberty's Torch. That is mostly due to the massive amount of work involved in a recent move back to OH. I'm not grudging the work - it was necessary - but will be bogged down in that effort for some time to come.
On top of that, I'm in the beginning of AEP, the Annual Enrollment Period for health insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA - also known as Marketplace or Obamacare). A lot of my business is conducted by video/audio conferencing, which cuts down on the travel, but also keeps me tied to my phone.
I'll work on posting at least twice a week - maybe Tuesday and Thursday?
I'm working on getting back into touch with friends, online and offline. I've missed a few connections (I tend to get DEEP into projects, and just lose track of time. I did so today, when I plumb forgot a book club meeting.)
I pulled out my handheld radio, and got it charged and set up. I had to print out another copy of my HT manual, but I was able to get it back in operation (I think). No traffic right now - it tends to be heavier during morning and evening rush hours. But, I'll be monitoring it over the next few days, and hope I will begin to make some local contacts.
The house is slowly - VERY slowly - taking shape. It has been complicated by:
  • Not being able to quickly plan out trips - I have no knowledge of where things might be found. Several times, I traveled to a store, only to find out that it is now closed - often, a 'COVID casualty'.
  • Fatigue - I'm not sleeping well. When I do get up, I'm often still tired.
  • The weather is playing hell with my joints. Today is the first day that I haven't been in major pain.
It will get better. It is just taking a lot longer than I would like.

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