Friday, July 16, 2021

The First Legislation that Congress Needs to Pass in 2023

Is a law that states:
Any federal employee that commits a crime against a citizen in the the course of their official duties should not be permitted to escape FELONY jail time, except for FULL restitution of any financial damages incurred by the citizen (loss of income, cost of hiring a lawyer, and other damages). That citizen may petition for triple punitive damages for crimes involving collusion with social or other media. A FULL confession of their illegal actions must be publicly, and for the record, admitted to. The former employee will not be eligible for pardons restoring ANY civil rights; the felony will remain on their record, and bar both future government employment, as well as employment with any NGO receiving government funding (including those receiving that money "at a distance" (receiving money from an organization that can legally accept government funding). ALL licenses to be revoked, and NOT restorable. The felon may not participate in any aspect of voting, registration, nor be associated in any way with any organization that does so. If this provision is not adhered to, the original sentence will be re-imposed in full. Any organization that permits the felon to bypass these restrictions will lose their charitable status, be ineligible for any charitable or public funds for ANY reason, including grants.
That's the minimum. Any ideas for other restorative measures to reduce the Deep State's reach? I am, of course, assuming that in 2022, the Nefarious Elite will not be able to significantly affect that election. If they do, the Shooting War is likely to commence.

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