Thursday, June 10, 2021

Some Different Sources for News Feeds

I've been feeling as thought my older sources of aggregated news were getting tired and old (Instapundit and Ace of Spades are the two top ones).

Well, Ace has stepped up their game - the tech feed they've added to their daily news is not only timely, but also contains some reports I've not seen elsewhere. Today's feed (link above) has some news about Bitcoin, and Ring camera privacy, that is worth that time spent, alone.

Not really a country fan. Just not the music I grew up with.

But here's a guy some of you might like. I like this song, and think you might, too.

Can we say, "Disparate Treatment"? Somehow, I think a LOT of this exaggerated figure includes overtime, investigations of 'Terrifying Grannies', and slow-mo cleanup of the Capitol. Featherbedding, insisting that every slight chip in the paint, whether pre-existing or occuring during the "invasion", is attributable to the Scary Insurrectionists.

Who, I want to remind you, tip-toed quietly and carefully through the rope lines.

UPDATE: I went back to the link, and noticed this gem:

Architect of the Capitol J. Brett Blanton told Congress in February repairs were going to run to $30 million — a number he wildly inflated by adding the price of Nancy Pelosi's barbed wire fence through March 31 and mental health treatments for traumatized staff.  The final bill of $1,495,326.55 shows he overstated it by 95%. 

A closer look shows that the worst damage to the Capitol required replacement of some doors and windows, "clear[ing] 'a small mountain of debris left behind on the west and east front," and removing the residue from fire extinguishers and chemical irritants.  Beyond that, it appears that not a single statue was damaged in a confrontation Democrats rail about as though it were the Battle of Stalingrad.

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