Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Leftist, or Liberal - Or, Leftist-Lite?

It's a close call. I began to realize that it would be important to create a post on this, when I read a similar discussion on The New Neocon.

Generally, I would say that the Leftist is more hard-core. Someone who is aware that their support is not just for causes that "Good People" support, but someone who is aware that their support will likely lead to complete overthrow of our current social, economic, and political systems.

 Liberals would generally include what would be called Progressive Democrats, the "good" Republicans (of the NY/Rockefeller/Romney type), and non-affiliated peoples with vaguely socially Left-of-Center ideals. They may be 'squishes', but they are extremely resistant to any attempt to bring them closer to the Center, let alone the Right.

The last category, Leftist-Lite, is one that is common in America today. They haven't anything as firm as actual principles. Some of them are, frankly, too uninformed (or, sadly, dumb) to be able to explain the rationale behind their positions. What they are is Fervent Supporters of What Everyone Else Who is One of the Good Ones Espouses. 

In other words, they take their position because, at heart, they are followers. Whatever the currently fashionable narrative is among their group, they accept it wholeheartedly.

The Leftist-Lite people aren't inherently bad, just Clueless Dupes. They will be HORRIFIED to find out that they were wrong, in the unlikely event that Non-Leftists ever manage to break through the Media Bubble.

But, I'm probably kidding myself. Ordinary people are quite capable of ignoring/forgetting the plain truth, when it contradicts their long-accepted dogma.

And, another example of Leftists in Action to Feed the Narrative:

True Enough, but actually False - and VERY misleading.

The situation in the above link (Trump's walk to the vandalized church near the White House) is an example of TECHNICALLY not exactly false - or what might be called True Enough - but, still conveying an untruthful narrative, as used by the Media.

That the story is a complete fabrication - one that COULD have been checked out and debunked - is just another example of how deeply in the tank the Media is for Leftists.
I was thinking about the Old Civil War - CWI, so to speak.

One thing that many cannot comprehend is how the South, which was largely self-sufficient, was defeated as much economically as militarily.

Because the South's economy was mostly an export one, once you kept them from moving good through the region, you pretty much closed down their access to hard money.

How was that accomplished?

Not by Atlantic Ocean blockades.

By other means:
  • Persuading their trading partners to seek other sources of goods
  • Making it a goal to shut off trade with the Western territories and Mexico
  • Using the natural boundaries of the Ohio River and the Appalachian Mountains to control trade with border states
  • Patrolling the Eastern seaboard, and taking out larger vessels (smaller ones could be ignored - most of the South's most valuable cargo was bulky)
  • And, gaining control of the rails at crucial junctures
Those natural choke points still exist: trains, air transport, ships, with the added method of trucking. All are vulnerable to being cut off outside of controlled regions.

Now, that issue is mostly the Hard-Left strongholds - the larger cities, the regions that are mostly controlled by the Left (upper Pacific NW, the areas along the Great Lakes, New England, New York, and Washington/VA), are easily kept from replenishing their supplies of food and other essentials. Hell, get control of the water/power command centers, and it's OVER.

So, yeah, the Potential Secessionist of today has a hell of an advantage over yesterday's. But, given the unmasking of the Election Fraud that is happening, it may not be necessary to go that far.

What WILL be necessary is to root out the Left from their stranglehold on Education, NGOs, and Government bureaucracy. Start with the Low-Hanging Fruit (those against whom actual crimes can be proven), move on to those who can be pressured to quit/retire (with an admission of culpability, and the threat of prosecution if they ever work for government or any workplace with access to government money. Perhaps a plea bargain agreement/judgement, with sentence suspended if they follow that work restriction).

NONE of them should be eligible for money/employment at ANY level of Education.

Change the tax rules on nonprofits to make them pay out of endowments larger than X amount, directly to the students. Eliminate student loans/grants to entities that charge tuition over a certain amount; those colleges/universities may use their endowment money to reduce the tuition to that level, and thence qualify.

Make student loans contingent on major (and successful performance in that major). Want to major in Gender Studies or Interpretative Dance? Pay for it yourself. Engineering/STEM/Teaching of subjects that are experiencing shortages? Cool. Business? IF that degree is actual Business topics - accounting, economics, finance, small business management - OK. "Business Communications, Marketing, HR, Labor Relations? Uh-Uh.

Education Majors (K-8)? Must have minimum SAT/ACT score that ensures they will be qualified. Mandatory passage of the state math/ELA/other tests at a high school level - BEFORE Day One of class. At least 1/4 of classwork each year must involve time spent in urban/low income classrooms - tutoring, class assistant for Special Ed, lunchroom aid, and other such work. May substitute time in APPROVED after school tutoring work (program must actually BE effective). Grade for this classwork must be tied to student performance/improvement after tutoring.

We have a LOT of people who want to work as teachers; we can afford to be selective.

Administrators in Education?

ALL - from the lowest to the top - must teach at least ONE classroom EVERY semester (and, not the G & T/Honors/AP type). That will not only force them to follow the same jacka$$ rules as they would impose on others, but also keep them humble.

Set an upper limit on how many non-teaching staff a school can employ, and hold to it. Stop paying those excess staff as employees, and contract the job out (which makes it easier to get rid of them for poor performance/WOKE attitude/or SJW infilitration).

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