Saturday, April 25, 2015

It Was a Good Day

I accompanied my husband to a job fair - not for me, I really like the place where I am at, and plan to stay there until I retire.  I was there because we were going to meet with our semi-adopted son later, which we did.

I used that time to ferret out who to talk to in the school district about setting up some professional development - my husband and I have done so in the past, and we wanted to start doing so in SC.

Other than that, I did something I seldom do - other than a few targeted inquiries about registering at a conference this summer, and checking my personal email - I did not "plug in" today.

Didn't seek out internet news, didn't even watch the local or national news.  If war was declared, I missed it.

I may do that regularly once a week from now on - just stop grabbing all of the "news" and "information", and live IRL.

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