Monday, April 6, 2015

Disbelieving the Actually Raped is NOT the Worst Thing... is EQUAL to the other terrible possibility - that of wrongly accusing, and publicly smearing, an innocent man as a rapist.

Naturally, the "rape culture" crowd never even consider the position of the wrongly accused:
there were two potentially bad outcomes here, not just one. It would, of course, have been terrible if Jackie’s story were true but nobody believed her. But it would also have been awful if the charges were untrue and the alleged perpetrators had been unfairly maligned. That it never crossed the minds of the howling mob that their targets may in fact be innocent — and, indeed, that Sabrina Erdely cannot bring herself to apologize to those whose lives she has damaged — is perhaps the most worrying, and illiberal, thing of all.

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Bold-face mine.

Another story about group-think - the current "issue" in Indiana with the RFRA.

Just how far will the pro-SSU group go to force Christians to go along with what they consider a grave sin?  Will they force the baker, at gunpoint, to bake the cake?  Will they just be satisfied to force him out of business, destroy him financially with fines and lawsuits, and drive him to living on the streets?

Will they send in the SWAT team to collect the fines?  Will they send him to prison for refusal to pay the fines (this already happens with the poor and men who are unable to pay child support - whether or not they are the father)?

Ironically, one of the most vocal opponents of Indiana's law, on the grounds that a business must offer its services equally to all, is Tim Cook, head of Apple.  Why is this ironic?  Because his company rejected an app that supported a viewpoint he disliked - that marriage is for men and women only - it's called the Manhattan Declaration App.

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