Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Thoughts About Social Responsibility

I was reading an article about this & that in National Review, and I started thinking about social responsibility.

BNP is demonized for the Gulf Oil Spill. It wasn't intentional. The scope of it was unexpected. They dedicated tremendous amounts of money and manpower to solving the problem. They paid a fine (imposed by fiat by the Obama administration, not the courts, even before the full cost was known). They paid reparations to the communities affected. They acknowledged guilt.

But, they're considered, by the Left, to be irresponsible.

Pick any urban city. In response to a provocation, their inhabitants riot, destroying property not their own, injuring scores of innocent citizens, and creating general chaos.

They never accept responsibility. It's someone else's fault, even though it was their hands, and mouths, causing damage, and egging others on. The damage was predictable. It's happened many times before. The perpetrators do not pay for the clean-up of the damage. They seldom pay for their actions, or are fined for them.

They are considered, by the Left, to have NO responsibility for the damage. It's someone else's fault, preferably Republicans or businessmen.

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