Friday, December 14, 2012

Finally Having Some Down Time That is Truly ALONE Time

The spousal unit is at his part-time job, leaving me free this Saturday.  The thing I really enjoy about having this time alone is the fact that I don't have the TV on all day.

The silence is WONDERFUL!

Without the TV, I can think clearly.  I'm surrounded by noise all day - the students talk non-stop.  Even when they keep the volume down, there is too much noise in the background for me to be able to concentrate.

I'll be making my plans for the day after I finish my coffee - another treat that I haven't enough of lately.

Of course, the news about the shooting in CN is on everyone's mind. It put a damper on the holiday party for our school staff last night.

Once again, the calls for gun control have been blasting everywhere. I don't think they've considered this.  Crazies are going to kill, whether they have guns, knifes, or bricks.

And, by crazies, I don't mean the mentally ill, I mean those so focused on their own self that they see others as "things" to be manipulated.  Those are the ones that are called psychopaths or sociopaths.

Is the answer fewer guns?  I don't think so.  Some of the answer lies in the acceptance that "gun-free" zones aren't.  They just disarm the law-abiding.

I would be perfectly happy to reside in a crime-free, gun-free world (well, as long as government couldn't impose their will by force).  But, as long as violence is an option, I would rather see adults in those schools be able to carry weapons than to leave everyone vulnerable in the event of a shooter.

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