Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Crimes of the Obama Administration, Part I

I know, how uncivil.  But, crimes is the appropriate word - read the bullet points to see why.

  • Fast & Furious - for those not familiar with the case, the ATF allowed, and, according to some sources, even forced legal gun dealers to sell to shady characters.  The idea was to follow the buyer, who would sell to gangsters south of the border.  Not that different from previous operations, that arrested the "straw buyer", once he re-sold the guns.  However, this time, they didn't arrest at that point.  They wanted to catch bigger fish - the end buyer.  So, over 2,000 guns were illegally sold - many of which the ATF lost track of.  We know, because of the tracking numbers, that about 300 Mexican citizens were killed, others wounded.  And 1 American border agent, Brian Terry.  Only about 1/3 of the guns have been recovered - so there are MANY guns floating around for future crimes - WELL DONE, ATF!

  • Eric Holder - contempt of Congress, for refusing to turn over documents requested as part of an investigation into F & F.  Holder claimed executive privilege - which DOES NOT apply in his case, unless the President was involved - which, Obama claims NOT to have been.  Stalemate.  Holder is widely believed to be stalling, trying to avoid prosecution until AFTER the election.  Strong candidate for last-minute pardon from Obama.

  • Jon Corzine - Campaign "bundler" for Obama - essentially, collects donations, and forwards them to the campaign.  He is the top bundler for Obama.  His company, MF Global, which officially failed in 2011, missing HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in customer accounts - which should NEVER be touched.  It's not only a violation of trust, it's a FELONY.  So far, Jon Corzine has NOT been indicted.  Holder (see above) has declined to indict Corzine.  But, wait, not everyone will roll over for the connected guy!

  • William McMahon - He's the former Deputy Assistant Director of ATF Field Operations, and "one of five key figures at the agency responsible for “Fast and Furious.”  He's currently on PAID LEAVE from the ATF, and ALSO collecting a 6-figure income from J. P. Morgan.  Not only questionable, if not downright shady, but he's also conveniently out of the country - gonna be tough to question him, or arrest him there.

I'm exhausted.  I will come back later for Part II.

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