Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Persuasion - Intimidation!

That's what too many Romney/other non-Obama candidate supporters have been reporting.


To discuss is the essence of what American politics is about.


To intimidate is:

  • Personal threats - yelling, calling that person "racist", getting in that person's face - invading their personal space, spreading rumors about them, tearing up yard signs or keying cars with Romney stickers.  Also includes going to court to open sealed records of divorce proceedings - which Obama did in 2 cases, to eliminate his opponent's chances of winning an election.

  • Other threats - threatening their livelihood, complaining to their employer, trying to get a list of donors for the purpose of intimidating them (which is being tried NOW).

  • Using the IRS, Justice Dept, or other government entity to force opposing views to shut up.

Ask yourself - would YOU want those tactics used against you?  If not, don't tolerate it by those you support.

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