Monday, August 27, 2012

Plans to Disrupt the RNC

The activists' plan has been used before - the violence is PLANNED.  Not violence against the RNC - that will be mostly property damage.


No, I mean plans to provoke violence AGAINST the "protestors".


First, you must understand there are 3 levels of protestors:

  • Red - the hard-core planners and directors, and those willing to commit ANY violence to reach their ends.

  • Yellow - the ones that will put their bodies on the line - chaining themselves to structures, placing themselves in a position to be arrested.

  • Green - those are the innocent ones that will suffer the retaliation.  The plan is for them to have their bodies put in the way of danger, to give the Yellows and Reds time to accomplish their plans - the Greens are, largely, ignorant of the goals of the Yellows and Reds.

The plan worked before, in Chicago and other cities that have suffered political riots.  Because the Greens are truly guiltless of intent to commit violence, they can honestly say that the cops hit them for no reason.

Read here for a more detailed description of the plans - EarthFirst.

Pay attention for mentions of Lisa Fithian - she's the hardcore domestic terrorist/planner whose efforts may lead to innocents dying - which she is hoping and planning for.

Part of the plan is to shut down communications.  I'm wondering if the cops can manage to shut down cell towers in the immediate area of the convention - which should stop the terrorists' communications with most of their people.


Above is a picture of Lisa Fithian, the leader of the domestic terrorists that will be targeting the RNC.  Keep an eye out for her in videos and interviews.  She believes that total disruption of medical and emergency services for the city is acceptable.

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