Thursday, March 9, 2023

Why Waste Time with the "News"?

It's getting to be pretty predictable.

Step 1:

Outrage about the horrors of the "Fascists" and "Something-Phobes"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24/7 coverage of this "News". Nonstop and repetitive spewing of identical talking points.

Step 2:

Some non-conformist uncovers facts not supporting the Accepted Truth. Immediate, vicious pushback against this Heresy!

Deplatforming, Demonetizing, and Loss of Job/Privacy/Ability to appear in public/Complete ban from appearances to discuss the newly-uncovered facts.

Step 3:

LONG after the truth is unearthed, there is a TINY admission that the facts were, in fact, factual (usually admitted grudgingly, and with an absolute minimum of explanation). Insistence that the pseudo-facts of the Left were essentially correct, until MANY, MANY months later.

Step 4:

When the slandered and abused truth-teller attempts to resurrect his/her career, the Left still resists, saying that the full story is not known (and implying that they would be vindicated if it were), it's all "Old News", and that the story is simply a trope that the Fascist Haters use to avoid admitting their deep-seated hostility to the Side of Goodness and Light. And Blacks and LBGT&&&&&& (whether the whole issue even centered on them).

That Formerly Depersoned Non-Leftist will NEVER regain their position, their reputation, nor their ability to function in society. They are history.

But, now on to the Latest News:

McConnell has fallen! Doesn't that sound like the title of an action flick?

Well, that's to be expected - that a 80+ politician/public figure falls is actually NOT news. It's a common event. And, when the old geezer/geezette does so, their body usually takes a big hit - sprains, broken bones, concussions, bruises. Hospitalization is often necessary, in order to be able to rule out underlying causes for the fall.

In some cases, serious health issues are found. In others, it's just one more fall in a lifetime of clumsy movement (I've tripped since childhood, causing multiple sprains and bruising. As an old person, those falls caused ligament damage, broken bones, and need for a cane/brace to fully recover).

This is the norm for a society content to elect geriatric leaders. I'm with the folks who want EVERY over 75 candidate to take a mental functioning test. It should be the standard test that looks for evidence of strokes, mental slowing, and dementia, not one that considers non-adoption of Leftist ideals to be evidence of mental incompetence. Those results should be released, should the politician decide to continue his/her campaign.

That won't stop folks like Fetterman from being elected, but it will do a lot to clear out the deadwood.

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