Thursday, June 16, 2022

Some Random Links

This one, about the structure and functioning of groups, is interesting - by Virginia Postrel, who I've followed - off and on, for quite some time.

I've been sporadically writing - blog posts and fiction. Just too tired to make a sustained effort, post-Covid, and because the darned weather is too hot (OH is in an unusual heat cycle - some rain, but not enough to cool it to normal temps). June is normally a very pleasant month - relatively cool in the morning and after dark, and warm during the day.

But, not soul-sucking torrid. We've been hitting the mid-80s before noon - for us, that's sit in a cool room, with the lights out to keep the temps down weather.

So, I've been binging TV shows - Perception, Unforgettable - that had relatively short lives - only a few seasons. The various free TV channels - FreeVee, Tubi - have given these shows a new life. So many of the old shows are now on the streaming services, at little to no cost to the viewer, that we can likely bypass much of the old ways of providing entertainment.

2000 Mules also showed a new way of getting a message out. They blitzed the internet with promotions, offered tantalizing previews, and made it an event in selected cities. AND, offered a paid-for stream to anyone who wasn't close enough to the cities to catch it there.

Which, apparently (from the success of that method) is MOST of us. I live far from one of the targeted cities - not only hate to drive great distances in the evening, but the cost of gas is a serious factor.

So, the streaming offer was worth it to me. We've gotten used to having things delivered to our homes - food, office supplies, books, dog food, tchotkes - and have accepted the increased price for the convenience. $20 for a show that I wanted to see wasn't out of range.

The other advantage - uninterrupted chance to make a non-Progressive case for what happened with the election - was priceless. No wonder that the "outrage" about insurrection was not picked up by viewers of the J6 hearings - not even the pitifully small audience they attracted. We knew that the protesters that day had REASON to object to the forced rush to confirm the "results".

Despite all Leftist efforts, they have not been able to shut off all sources of information and news analysis. It's gotta be KILLING them. My family and I regularly swap links to News the Elite Don't Want You to See. What little presence I have on FB or Twitter is dedicated to keeping up with family, and spreading memes. Over and under gates, around roadblocks, the News Alternatives are continuing to get their message out.

Here's a post from Tom nighton (Substack) about interacting with Liberals. He believes that the person who is arguing the Leftist viewpoint is not really your audience - and, in that, I believe he's right. It's a reminder to us that we need to be firm in our convictions, but not accept abuse. Also, our 'tone' does matter - I have a tendency to be snide, and I'm sure that is not helpful to persuasion. Here's a link to it - put any suggestions for how to manage those conversations in the comments.

I'm not a subscriber to all the people I read on Substack, but I'm leaning towards committing some money to that site's posters.

China is desperately holding back the Deluge. Their economy is shot, and only the most repressive actions keep it from openly melting down. The good news is - if China's government melts down, we may be able to re-negotiate our current loans at more favorable terms. Just another reason to bring Trump back in 2024 - he really does understand lending, and is prepared to drive a hard bargain without any hint of compassion or fear about seeming to be ruthless.

The Watergate myth persists; but the FACT is that the disloyal leaks of Mark Felt, who was acting from pique about not having been appointed to head the FBI, was the number one reason that their stories got so much traction. (Or, as us Law & Order types would have it, felonious release of classified information). Rather than hitting the streets, working to develop a variety of sources, the duo benefited from Woodward's Elite Connections. Not the Little Guy against Big, Bad Government, but Rival Gangs of Elites.

And, those gangs aren't Harvard (Sharks) vs. Yale (Jets). It's Military-Industrial Complex, NGOs and the Leftist money that drives their agenda, and the Multinational/Investment/World Bank/WEF/Corrupt Regimes that hope to funnel some of that cash into family pockets.

Against the Normals, who represent the flock they hope to shear.

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