Thursday, May 19, 2022

Have I Done a Rip Winkle?

Because, I seem to be reliving the past:
  • The 50s - The 'housedress' is back. I blame the sloth of the last couple of years, along with a realistic appraisal that, no, my butt IS too big for Jeggings. Whatever the reason, and despite relentless pressure by the fashion industry to push sky-high heels and structured undergarments, Loose and Comfy is IN!
  • The 60s - Day-time drinking by stay-at-homes, women choosing to leave the workforce after marriage/kids, a BoHo Return to the Breast (it's a desperation move, but, trust me, it will become a trend), and waistless dresses and eccentric shoes.
  • The 70s - my Least Favorite Decade, despite it being the time when I was young, in love, and probably at my peak, appearance-wise. The decade was ruined by Inflation, rising home prices, home budgets that were destroyed by rising food prices, and, yes, a Return to Energy Shortages - home, work, agricultural, and vehicle.
  • The 80s - international war posturing, involvement in every little war/incident occuring in other countries, threatened famine overseas, and rising Islamicist feints/uprisings (although, it's hard to find a decade when the Star & Crescent People aren't on the virge of Going Gonzo). Sweetheart deals with favored corporations. Use of government to shut down competitors.
  • The 90s - Media championing and covering for Dems of The Left. Use of NGOs and Deep State to smear opponents of the Official Left Line. Throwing the Whole Kitchen Sink at your enemies, including using "peaceful protesters" to intimidate them.
Too depressing for words.

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