Monday, March 23, 2015

An Interesting Question

Here's the summary for Hillary Clinton's custody of State Department official records:

  • She used her personal server to store official Department email.  She never used a government email account; in fact, never was issued a dot-gov address.

  • That server, while physically secure (according to her), has not been determined to be secure from hacking.   She has, so far, refused to turn over her server for inspection by disinterested 3rd-parties.

  • She APPARENTLY did not sign the OF-109, which certifies that ALL State Department records have been turned back to them when separated (EVEN if that separation is for 60 days - more about that later).

  • MANY emails were deemed, by her and her staff, to be "personal" and not necessary to keep - therefore, she deleted them.  End of story.  She has, so far, refused to allow further investigation of this process - how she determined they were personal, inspection of the drive to see if they could be recovered, or other oversight of her procedures.

  • She did NOT turn over the documents - she turned over paper copies.  The original emails  are, in fact, the OFFICIAL documents, in electronic form.

What I find VERY INTERESTING is that no one, at this point, has asked a question that SCREAMS to be asked - did HUMA ABEDIN ever sign off on an OF-109?  At what time?  When she left regular employment with the State Dept?  When she stopped working as a special contractor (and, did she sign the regular documentation that I assume a contractor would have to)?  When she stopped being paid by the State Dept?

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