Friday, September 10, 2021

Either I'm Gonna Give Up Reading The News, or I'm Gonna Start Drinking - a LOT!

This is just a long trip through Bizarro-Land.

  • A white woman in a gorilla mask throws an egg at Larry Newsom. Naturally, the Left cannot be bothered to even NOTICE the racism of this, let alone protest. 
    • "It's obvious as heck that hurling eggs at California's first black gubernatorial candidate while wearing a gorilla mask is racist as it gets. After all, there are all kinds of masks out there and this white woman selected the black gorilla mask as her "statement" about Elder, knowing that she'd get her picture with herself in it in the news from this attack."
  • I dunno what the CPS cops are like in YOUR neck of the woods, but if I lost even ONE kid, they'd toss my butt in jail. Not these clowns, though. Perhaps the worst part is that they appear to be turned over to human traffickers. 
  • The Mask Mandates continue, and WILL continue until that pesky strain of Rebellion-1776 is defeated! God forbid that the Mask Nannies detect any hint of resistance to their authority!
    • America is sharply divided into two groups:
      • Those that are pathologically afraid to stand in opposition to the dictates of the majority. When large numbers of people immigrated from Europe, many of them were former serfs or otherwise cowed peoples. They brought with them the idea that conformity was the only safe response to state demands. Many who have come here since, were less motivated by the desire to "live free", then the perception that this was a safe place to run to. America is not now, nor has ever been, a safe space. Our heritage is that of a frontier society, in which citizens take risks, and sometimes, those risks pan out, and sometimes, they don't. It's the price you pay for freedom.
      • The other group is that one that values freedom, personal responsibility, and is resistant to authority. They are the hillbillies, rednecks, wildcatters, independent truckers, entrepreneurs, and other assorted non-conformists. They often do poorly in school, not because of stupidity, but because the petty tyrants that flourish there are abhorrent to them. They seldom rise far in the ranks of corporations, military, or other hierarchal organizations. 

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