Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday Ramblings

Today's post covers a wide range of topics:

Oil, the Election, and the Economy

The always-great Chicago Bois has a LONG post dealing with - among other things - oil, and how the Fracking Revolution will ALSO change our politics.
President Ronald Reagan colluded with the Saudis to collapse the Soviet Union through low oil prices. This extended fracking technique means, given the political will, the USA doesn’t need the Saudis to do the same to Russia, Iran, Venezuela… and the Saudis!

(Long term, the Saudis need $100/barrel oil to support their current population.)

One of my email contacts made this Schadenfreude-rich statement: Prince Mohammad bin Salman is reported to have placed a great emphasis on Saudi domestic non-oil economic development last fall, after having been appointed as the country’s Gorbachev earlier in the year. “

The domestic and geopolitical implications of an energy-independent USA are huge and profound. Since I’ve already touched on the foreign policy implications, I’ll start here with the domestic implications for “Big Green”, AKA the environmental movement.

LOTS more at the link - it draws together the interlocking interests of Mideast Oil, the Environmental Movement, and Kleptocrats in government - ours and others, and WHY Fracking is so hated by all of them.

Keep in mind the consequences of the next election - I think Trump is vulgar, a braggart, and given to bombastic pronouncements.

HOWEVER, he will likely NOT hold up the Fracking/LNG (Liquid Natural gas) permits to soothe the Environment Control Freaks.

And, that ALONE is worth voting for him.

PS - read the comments in the post, as well - very perceptive, for the most part.

Interested in Politics?

Here is an analysis that will interest you.

I am recommending this video to EVERYONE.

Based on reading her blog, I'm going to recommend this book - Elizabeth Scalia is a gem.

BTW, although I do love me my Kindle, and it's GREAT for trips, I'm going to suggest buying this in hard copy - it makes it easier to pass along.

The Whole Trans-Thing

Why might opposing the Trans-Rights (Really, Trans-Bullying) thing be Anti-Woman?

That All For Today - I'm going to church, and, then, to spend some time with my husband.

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