Saturday, December 12, 2015

Status Update

I'd like to be more active in blogging, but, right now:

  • We're in the middle of renovating our house in Cleveland.  It's been a LONG, slow process - with one major epiphany - Contractors LIE!  We were originally hoping to sell it, but our son needed a larger place in a safe neighborhood (his family will soon be expanding), so....

  • My husband needed to work on his Master's program, as well as a research program he is involved with, so-o-o-o, it was up to me to do more around the house and with the bills.  And,

  • I'm working on getting the finals ready for this upcoming week.  Have to finalize the two different versions, make an answer sheet, and get them to the office to be copied.  And,

  • I'm trying to get an exercise program going - it's been one failure after another.  And, I really do need to shape up!  And,

  • I'm studying for my upgrade of my Ham Radio license to General - the test is next Saturday, and I'm nervous about it.  And,

  • We're trying to get some Christmas shopping done earlier this year.  We usually wait until the last couple of days before, but we would rather spend that time with family and friends.  And,

  • I'm pulling some tax information together for my accountant.  Whether or not I consider it important, the IRS does.  And,

  • I need to prepare for next semester's classes - 2 different subjects from this semester.  And,

  • I'll be attending a conference in January in New Orleans.  So, I really want to get into shape so I can look spiffy.  And,

Nope, I guess that's about all.

So, compared to my chaotic life, politics/culture/news seems less exciting, and certainly less important.  I'll be posting, but only about 1-2 times a week.

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