Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Antebellum Campus

Today's campuses have a LOT in common with the Old South, pre-Civil War:

  • ALL women are fragile, delicate flowers

  • They cannot TAKE coarse, rough language

  • They are put on a pedestal (in today's terms, they CANNOT be criticized for ANYTHING)

  • They can say or do anything, without forfeiting their position

  • They can chastise any men, without fear of being contradicted

  • They are prone to the vapors if the subject veers into potentially upsetting topics

  • Their virtue (sexual and otherwise) may NOT be questioned

  • They are not responsible for their actions - it was ALWAYS the fault of the big, bad man

  • They are ENTITLED to support from some man, or the government - surely, you don't expect them to PAY for their upkeep?

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