Thursday, March 6, 2014

WHY Do Democrats Demonize the Koch Brothers?

Charles Cooke has an interesting analysis.

He points out that, although the Kochs have some relatively common Conservative positions, the
Kochs are not as simple as the hysteria would have them be. Indeed, even the lightest of research reveals them to be in favor of gay marriage, of drug legalization, of reforming and expanding the immigration system, of withdrawing troops from the Middle East, of cutting defense spending, of curbing the NSA’s overreach, and of helping to balance the budget by raising (some) taxes.

Is it their money?  They made it legally, as did Warren Buffet - who is lauded by the Democrats.

Is it that they donate money (their own) to affect the elections?  Unions do the same thing - with MORE money - NOT their own - and Democrats don't seem to have a problem with that.

Is it that Harry Reid, and others who spew their name like a curse, believe that ANY opposition to the Democratic agenda must be annihilated?

Sounds to me like some Democrats have a peculiar idea of what representative government is about.  If Harry can force politicians to avoid the Koch brothers, lest they be tainted by the association, that should have a dampening effect on their chances to win elections.

Maybe THAT'S the point.

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