Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Pledge

I've been following this campaign season for the entire time, and have noticed a deterioration of civility - of SOME people on BOTH sides (for now, I'm ignoring the Ron Paulians - but, I WILL be back if they don't reform).  The recent VP debate brought my disgust to the surface.

I don't care who started the disrespect.  I DO care that we all take the first step, without waiting for the other.

Failure to do so puts us in jeopardy of splitting this country in a New Civil War (which is caused, in part, due to not-so-civil behavior).

I propose that all of us who take our politics seriously take a pledge:

I urge everyone to take the Pledge.  I urge you to accept your personal responsibility to change the way politics in this country has gotten to be such a gutter sport.

No saying, "Well, I will AFTER they do it."

In this, we need to set the example.

We can disagree.  But, we MUST be civil.

That civility may allow us to point out that a behavior is a violation of The Pledge, for example, bringing into the campaign personal scandals, not connected to government performance.  Those violations include spreading unproven rumors, something MOST of us have been guilty of, at times.  It would not, however, be a violation to call for a Congressional investigation of a public official's PUBLIC behavior.

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